How do I decide on whether to choose a print poster v. ePoster?

If you can summarize your main points on one page, a print poster may be your best option.  However, if your poster needs additional pages (2-4) and has links, graphics and/or animation, then an ePoster is the best choice.

How do I design my print poster or ePoster?

If you have decided upon a print poster, to simplify the design process, choose from several PowerPoint poster templates found on the Print Poster page. A template is available in InDesign, for those who are familiar with the program; InDesign files should be submitted as high-resolution PDFs. If you are designing outside of the templates, please design as a 36" x 48" original file, not something smaller that needs to be enlarged.

If you have selected an electronic poster (e-poster), the templates will be found on the ePoster Boards website. For more information see the ePoster page.

Can I design my own poster instead of using a template?

Yes! Just be sure the dimensions are 48 inches (wide) x 36 inches (high) (print poster).  To keep print poster dimensions to proper size, you can scrub the templates found on the Print Poster page.  Print posters should be submitted in high-resolutions PDFs.  ePoster slide dimensions should be 40.97 inches x 23.04 inches.

How do I submit my print poster?

Once you finalize your poster, notify Kim Medeiros via email at kimmed@mit.edu and you will receive an invite to upload your poster to DropBox.  If you created your poster in InDesign, please save it as a high-resolution PDF.  Posters should be submitted by Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

Do I need to print my poster?

No. We will take care of the printing.

Does my participation in the Poster Session count as professional development?

Yes! There are a couple of Lynda.com courses you can take towards your professional development goals in designing a poster and public speaking.

I already have a poster that I created for another purpose. Can I reuse it for this event?

You can. We recommend the poster dimensions of 48 inches (wide) x 36 inches (high). If your poster is a different size, please contact Kim Medeiros.

What is involved in the poster presentation?

During the event, presenters (two or three) will stand by their posters to answer questions from colleagues. We encourage you to present as a team, so that each member has an opportunity to visit other poster presentations.

What should I keep in mind when creating my poster?

Here are some basic tips to guide you:

  • Use simple, clear language.
  • Use good-quality, high-resolution images.
  • Do not overcrowd your poster – keep it simple and uncluttered.
  • Use fonts (16 to 18 pt.) that are large enough to be read at a distance (3 to 4 feet).
  • Condense ideas but don’t omit essentials.

Can I bring handouts?

You are welcome to have a handout to accompany your poster. Please indicate in your registration if you will be providing handouts. Note: tables must be requested separately in advance.